Constant support and assistance through dedicated helpline, updated databases, a constant growing catalog of new training courses: eXponentia is the answer to daily needs for development and support.

  • Technical Helpline

    6 languages, European coverage, integrated systems and personalized reports: the ideal support for manufacturers and networks; the right solution for repair shops and drivers.

    Multitopic and multichannel support for every need of the automotive chain, support for the use and the update of devices (ETS), on diagnosticating and fixing problems in vehicles (VTS Car/VTS Truck), diagnosticating and fixing problems in specific systems (STS), for the diagnostics and the replacement of spare parts (CTS) and for their individualization and applicability (catalog).

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  • Training

    eXponentia is a leading company in the automotive market when it comes to providing services for training, thanks to a rich portfolio offering more than 80 innovational courses: practical and ready to be used on a daily basis.

    Stop and start, hybrid systems, diagnostics and maintenance methods: these are just a couple of courses available in our catalog, which is being constantly renewed and updated. eXponentia means technical and commercial training for cars, trucks, systems and components. Research of accurately chosen topics delivered through several methods: virtual classrooms, e-Learning and practical training in classroom and/or in the repair shops.

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  • Database

    Access to fundamental information on each type of vehicle, with a staff keen on updating the data.

    Every piece of information directly from the car manufacturers: essential for the daily work of the repair shop. Every technical data is immediately ready to download and available on whichever type of device. Technical data, wiring diagrams, assembly/dismantling procedures, guided procedures, planned maintenance, IAM and OE codes, spare parts, working time indications and repair estimations.

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Consultation to identify the best hardware and software solutions. Flexible tools, with the help of specific software and app, for the right management of authorities, warranties and maintenances.

  • Tablet and Smartphone App

    The first fully integrated mobile system. Software packages designed for network of repairers dedicated to increase the gain and the customer fidelity.

    We offer solution on tablet and smartphone for all operation phases of the workshop: possibility to manage booking and estimates in real-time, manage check-in and check-out; multi-brand technical support with augmented reality, virtual maintenance registration, app for the direct contact with the driver and safe data storage outside of the network, suppliers, repairers and drivers.

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  • Authority Software

    Uniformity of management, international standards, certified and detailed appraisals: eXponentia is a leader in the management of the authority and warranties for premium companies.

    The answer to the daily needs related to returns and the requests for warranty on spare parts, systems and vehicles through technical helpline assistance; certified surveys carried out by an efficient staff, both technically and legally; analysis of the different work flows through the use of special multichannel software which allows the creation of detailed reports.

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  • IT Solutions

    High level know-how, made possible through the continuous research and development of products and services offered by eXponentia.

    eXponentia develops solutions, identifies new technologies and develops tailored software which can be used by every company with a wish to make the data management more reliable. A team of experts is ready to offer tailored support to every company, regardless of size and type.

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  • Fleet Management

    Advanced solutions which can be completely customized, based on the different authority needs and the relationship with the suppliers.

    A specific software allows the correct technical management and maintenance by analyzing the internal flows and creating detailed reports. Helpline support on technical and legal level, assures accurate authority management with automation of the answers and analysis of the specific requests.

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Dynamic and modular software, developed in order to support the automotive chain in managing every data, optimizing the procedures and in establishing an efficient communication with the customers.

  • DMS

    A dynamic system, specifically created. A simple solution in order to coordinate all the information available for the repair shop and the automotive chain.

    A complete and comprehensive management of the customer's personal and vehicle data and the history of the operations, warehouse management and connection to the suppliers for the orders. Statistic reports on operations and products used; invoices administration and online data back-up.

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  • CRM

    A software able to supply everything you need for an effective communication in real time, correlated with detailed and punctual reports.

    Customer fidelity through storing personal data, planning of the repairs, recalls and maintenance. Push notification on smartphone, emails and SMS allow also to implement customers acquisition strategies.

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  • ERP

    The solution dedicated to modern networks, in reply to the real needs of integration, freedom of management and control over the usage services.

    A management software for complex multi-channel systems that require a careful and deep administration: offers solutions for the customer and suppliers personal data management, invoicing and monitoring of the services activation. It also allows the planning of communications and the increasing of its own offer visibility through eCommerce showcase, by monitoring the results and the performances with personalized reports.

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