ADPA Label: at Autopromotec the quality seal of independent Data Publishers

Proud to report that one of our partners, Tekné Consulting, is among the members of the newly formed “ADPA Label”. The Data Publishers quality seal was recently unveiled during an event at Autopromotec.

ADPA Label: at Autopromotec the quality seal of independent Data Publishers

In fact, our partner Tekné immediately took part in the initiative promoted by the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association. The initiative advocates for sustainable and legally fair data publishing efforts in the automotive aftermarket.

THE ADPA LABEL QUALITY SEAL. Symbolizes European Independent Data Publishers’ commitment to the continued use of reliable data sources and processes.

ADPA’s challenging goal is to make technical information more harmonized and up-to-date for auto repairers. Especially in the current environment where service, maintenance, and repair services are becoming more and more widespread in the e-mobility sector as well.

The presentation of the quality seal at Autopromotec 2022

During the highly influential International Biennial of Automotive Equipment and Aftermarket where the entire Automotive Aftermarket supply chain takes part, the new quality label was presented. The event “ADPA Label – The European Label that guarantees the origin and authenticity of technical information” thus took place on Thursday, May 26th and had among its speakers: Patrick Lo Pinto (CEO & Business Development at Tekné Consulting) and Pierre Thibaudat (Manager Governmental Affairs at FIGIEFA and ADPA).