AFCAR Italy: the alliance to protect independent auto repair shops is born

We are pleased to announce the birth of the new association AFCAR Italia, which has Tekné Consulting, one of our historical partners, among its constituent members. AFCAR Italia brings together some of the most well-known and authoritative Italian companies in the independent aftermarket supply chain. The presentation took place at the well-known biennial aftermarket event Autopromotec.


AFCAR: Alliance For The Freedom of Car Repair in Italy

During the historic Biennial International Automobile Equipment and Aftermarket Exhibition Autopromotec 2022, there was a press conference where the new alliance introduced itself to the market. The speakers who made the presentation during the press conference and who can be seen in photos were::

  • Andrea Boni, A.D.I.R.A. communication manager
  • Pierre Thibaudat, AFCAR Europe
  • Piergiorgio Beccari, president of A.D.I.R.A.
  • Mauro Severi, president of AICA
  • Patrick Lo Pinto, CEO of Tekné Consulting


Representing both industry and consumers while preserving the freedom of auto repair shops

AFCAR Italia is the national declination of AFCAR EUROPE, the historic entity with over 25 years of activity that brings together European federations of the independent aftermarket and consumer market. The alliance’s mission is to represent the industry and consumers while preserving the freedom of auto repair in both Italy and Europe. Therefore, the Italian alliance will develop the initiatives of AFCAR EUROPE by carrying out heterogeneous activities in contact with national institutions.

Current European members participating in the European alliance are ADPA (data publishers), AIRC (body shops), CECRA (dealers and repairers), EGEA (manufacturers of workshop equipment and diagnostic tools), FIA (consumers and roadside assistance), FIGIEFA (parts distributors) and Leaseurope (rental and leasing company).

AFCAR Italy: all members

With the goal of expanding to all associations in the Italian aftermarket supply chain, today the AFCAR alliance includes the following among its proponents:

  • ADIRA: Association of Italian Distributors of Automotive Parts, federated in FIGIEFA
  • AICA: Italian Equipment Manufacturers Association, federated in EGEA
  • TEKNE CONSULTING: specialized automotive technical consulting firm, federated in ADPA and partner of eXponentia

AFCAR Italia

Topics of interest in Italy

The purpose of the alliance is to enable the Italian independent aftermarket sector to interact in a unified way with institutions as it happens in Europe on various issues:

  • BER LAW. Interlocution with Italian representatives in community organizations for the purpose of the preparation of the upcoming BER Law (Block Exemption Regulations).
  • ACCESS TO TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND RELATED COSTS. Acquisition and processing of all information related to the technical arrangements and costs involved in accessing manufacturers’ technical data

And also other relevant current issues are:

  • CYBERSECURITY, That is, vehicle cybersecurity.
  • IN VEHICLE DATA: European legislation specifically for the automotive sector. Legislation that promotes real and effective competition in the aftermarket.

We wish AFCAR Italy and all participating organizations all the best!