Enter into the 1st European Automotive Solutions Provider

eXponentia gives you the opportunity to expand your business by joining the 1st European Automotive Provider. Choose between two different levels of agreement. Become a Partner or Franchisee! The two modalities of access to the eXponentia project allow businessmen and companies to benefit from unique and exclusive advantages.

To access, simply comply with the the conditions required!


With our team of Automotive specialists

Our technical teams work every day to improve processes by analyzing data and analyzing feedback coming in real time from the Automotive sector, in order to provide highly specific and updated technical solutions.

  • We study the coexistence of products and services compared to location
  • We evaluate the complementarity of the services based on the countries of
  • We share and amplify the wide appeal of partnerships

Expand your business

Beyond the national territories

eXponentia solutions are addressed to entrepreneurs and companies that looking for a cutting-edge partner that gives the possibility to expand offer and operating zone. Thanks to eXponentia you will be able to:

  • Increase the customer portfolio
  • Take advantage of framework agreements
  • Widen the commercial horizons
  • Take part in an authoritative international project
  • Benefit from the reputation and resonance of eXponentia brand

Add Value, Innovation, Synergy

The purpose of eXponentia is to share, with all the stakeholders which belong to it, short, medium and long term objectives. Each participant of the international network is therefore fundamental and highly involved.

“The result of the single is always a success for the whole group. The result of eXponentia is always a success for all individuals.”

Our team selects with scrupulous attention only those companies that meet the laid down standards and provide services of recognised quality. Reliability, determination, will, innovation and synergy. These are the eXponentia pillars!


The advantages of our network

Becoming an integral part of the eXponentia project you can take advantage of benefits and immediately check the exponential effect of our service provider:

  • Concrete and measurable results
  • Opportunity growth
  • Expanding your business across the Europe
  • Highly specialised know-how acquired through years of experience and

Become eXponentia Partners or Franchisee

From internal operations to the correct customer management, eXponentia creates 100% tailor-made solutions:

  • Advice, assistance, training and refresher courses
  • Consolidated know how reached in the Automotive aftermarket sector
  • Marketing services and advertising campaigns

“Thanks to the acknowledged European leadership and experience in providing
Automotive services, eXponentia optimizes processes, allowing to satisfy all the
players in the market. ”