We are pleased to announce the birth of the new association AFCAR Italia, which has Tekné Consulting, one of our historical partners, among its constituent members. AFCAR Italia brings together some of the most well-known and authoritative Italian companies in the independent aftermarket supply chain. The presentation took place at the well-known biennial aftermarket event Autopromotec.


AFCAR: Alliance For The Freedom of Car Repair in Italy

During the historic Biennial International Automobile Equipment and Aftermarket Exhibition Autopromotec 2022, there was a press conference where the new alliance introduced itself to the market. The speakers who made the presentation during the press conference and who can be seen in photos were::

  • Andrea Boni, A.D.I.R.A. communication manager
  • Pierre Thibaudat, AFCAR Europe
  • Piergiorgio Beccari, president of A.D.I.R.A.
  • Mauro Severi, president of AICA
  • Patrick Lo Pinto, CEO of Tekné Consulting


Representing both industry and consumers while preserving the freedom of auto repair shops

AFCAR Italia is the national declination of AFCAR EUROPE, the historic entity with over 25 years of activity that brings together European federations of the independent aftermarket and consumer market. The alliance’s mission is to represent the industry and consumers while preserving the freedom of auto repair in both Italy and Europe. Therefore, the Italian alliance will develop the initiatives of AFCAR EUROPE by carrying out heterogeneous activities in contact with national institutions.

Current European members participating in the European alliance are ADPA (data publishers), AIRC (body shops), CECRA (dealers and repairers), EGEA (manufacturers of workshop equipment and diagnostic tools), FIA (consumers and roadside assistance), FIGIEFA (parts distributors) and Leaseurope (rental and leasing company).

AFCAR Italy: all members

With the goal of expanding to all associations in the Italian aftermarket supply chain, today the AFCAR alliance includes the following among its proponents:

  • ADIRA: Association of Italian Distributors of Automotive Parts, federated in FIGIEFA
  • AICA: Italian Equipment Manufacturers Association, federated in EGEA
  • TEKNE CONSULTING: specialized automotive technical consulting firm, federated in ADPA and partner of eXponentia

AFCAR Italia

Topics of interest in Italy

The purpose of the alliance is to enable the Italian independent aftermarket sector to interact in a unified way with institutions as it happens in Europe on various issues:

  • BER LAW. Interlocution with Italian representatives in community organizations for the purpose of the preparation of the upcoming BER Law (Block Exemption Regulations).
  • ACCESS TO TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND RELATED COSTS. Acquisition and processing of all information related to the technical arrangements and costs involved in accessing manufacturers’ technical data

And also other relevant current issues are:

  • CYBERSECURITY, That is, vehicle cybersecurity.
  • IN VEHICLE DATA: European legislation specifically for the automotive sector. Legislation that promotes real and effective competition in the aftermarket.

We wish AFCAR Italy and all participating organizations all the best!

Proud to report that one of our partners, Tekné Consulting, is among the members of the newly formed “ADPA Label”. The Data Publishers quality seal was recently unveiled during an event at Autopromotec.

ADPA Label: at Autopromotec the quality seal of independent Data Publishers

In fact, our partner Tekné immediately took part in the initiative promoted by the European Independent Automotive Data Publishers Association. The initiative advocates for sustainable and legally fair data publishing efforts in the automotive aftermarket.

THE ADPA LABEL QUALITY SEAL. Symbolizes European Independent Data Publishers’ commitment to the continued use of reliable data sources and processes.

ADPA’s challenging goal is to make technical information more harmonized and up-to-date for auto repairers. Especially in the current environment where service, maintenance, and repair services are becoming more and more widespread in the e-mobility sector as well.

The presentation of the quality seal at Autopromotec 2022

During the highly influential International Biennial of Automotive Equipment and Aftermarket where the entire Automotive Aftermarket supply chain takes part, the new quality label was presented. The event “ADPA Label – The European Label that guarantees the origin and authenticity of technical information” thus took place on Thursday, May 26th and had among its speakers: Patrick Lo Pinto (CEO & Business Development at Tekné Consulting) and Pierre Thibaudat (Manager Governmental Affairs at FIGIEFA and ADPA).



Thanks to the partnership with Yizhong-Edulife, our company is pleased to offer its customers and partners an important opportunity to get in touch with areas of particular strategic interest and with educational projects active in China.


With great pleasure we announce that eXponentia and Yizhong-Edulife have signed an agreement in order to produce and deliver automotive training courses in China. These training courses will benefit from our technical know-how and from the innovative approach of the well-known Italy-China training company.

International automotive training with Yizhong-Edulife

The company Yizhong-Edulife has been active since 2010 in the development sector of innovative models of learning in formal and informal contexts. It is particularly appreciated for its approach based on cultural mediation between Europe and China.

Currently Yizhong-Edulife is the first Italian private company that operates in the “vocational training” sector in China.

The company has been present for over 10 years in China. It is active in the scientific research sector of learning models and in the training of trainers in the field of professional learning.

Yizhong-Edulife offers high-quality experiential and transformative training. A training based on educational innovation, technique and cultural mediation. Particular attention is addressed to human and professional growth.

Innovative Training Methodologies and Advanced Automotive Technologies

Yizhong-Edulife is already an exclusive partner for the realization in China of the training programme TechPro2 of FCA and CNH-I.

Recently Yizhong-Edulife opened a didactic workshop in the district of Yanqing (Beijing) with the support of ENI, Beta Utensili, Corghi, Mattei, Brembo, IVECO.

The company is Brembo trainer for the development of technical competences of after-sales networks regarding their marketed products in China. In addition the company has activated the CAMEC, a concrete systematic participation among companies. It deals with China Automotive Mechatronics Education Center with the creation and promotion of professional competences related to mechatronics.

Do you want to request further information?

Send us a message using the specific form >

To deepen:


Read the release translated into Chinese>

MoobiCon is a company with extensive experience in supporting body shops and repair and maintenance specialists in the passenger and commercial vehicles segment, Off High-way and AGRI vehicles.” (Chris Kimman, CEO)

We are pleased to announce that eXponentia has partnered with MoobiCon, a Dutch company offering technical services to the automotive aftermarket. With this partnership we aim to acquire new complementary professionalism that will allow us to provide additional specialist services to the automotive supply chain.

MOOBICON adds information and knowledge to the use of equipment to allow the technician to do his or her job with ease and pleasure and to keep the vehicle operational. (Chris Kimman, CEO)

The announcement of the partnership follows the strategic evolution undertaken by MoobiCon that led the company to redefine its name and structure with the aim of developing its business in the supply of diagnostic systems, training and equipment for repair shops.

Moobicon: technical support for body shops and repair shops

MoobiCon is a company with a pragmatic approach that was born in December 2020, but with a long history behind it. It has in fact 18 years of experience in supporting body shops and repair shops. Strongly specialized in repair and maintenance of cars, commercial vehicles, off highway and agricultural vehicles.

Today, MoobiCon aims to become the best service provider in its region. Its CLEVER experts are in all respects colleagues of the technicians who use the complete modular CLEVER DiagnostiX support.

SHARING KNOWLEDGE, products, information and a common strategy to offer our customers the highest level of support possible is what drove us to join eXponentia. On top of that, we need to think from a European perspective because our key accounts are also moving in that direction… A perfect fit! (Chris Kimman, CEO)




Discover all the shareholders and partners of eXponentia > 

Patrick Lo Pinto CEO of eXponentia and exhibitor tells us his impressions about Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

According to official sources, it looks like that this year it was the edition of records.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2018: let’s start with numbers

It was probably for the 25-year anniversary of one of the most important automotive fair in the world. Or maybe for the process of hybridization is taking place in our sector. Who would have thought in 1999 that Google o Apple would built not only their own cars, but also that cars would be driven by themselves?

It must have been for the increasingly attention towards a sector that provides products, solutions and support to the daily life of all, whose choices necessarily fall back on the lives of our communities and the environment that surrounds us.

It must have been because Frankfurt is the perfect background with its contrast between old buildings and skyscrapers, history and business.

The point is, this year at Automechanika, all the attendances have increased. The exhibitors: more than 5000. Visitors: 136.000. 10.000 new attendances. To read this it appearS a low-level data compared to the total presence. But it is extremely significant. This demonstrates the more and more attention and curiosity for an area that, until few years ago, was meant only for the relations between exhibitors.

Why more and more people visit Automechanika

I follow with interest the editions of Automechanika, since 2008 with eXponentia, the company that currently I’m proud to represent, and I can say that over the years, the attendance of visitors and curious has considerably increased. For us this created the need to improve the disclosure of the services to an ever-wider public, which is increasingly careful to understand not only the solutions offered but also our vision of the future.

Automechanika Academy is an example where these requests find their own official place at the fair. In fact, here it is possible to sit down and listen freely seminars focused on the evolution of the automotive sector, with regard to new trends.

If companies are transparent, even the future it will be

If I had to sum up in one concept this edition of Automechanika, I would use the word “transparency”. A wonderful Latin word composed of the prefix “trans”, means “through” and “parere” that means “appear”.

Lot of cars, thanks to technology, became literally transparent, as a matter of fact. Visible, clear and interconnected components with data updated in real time on high-definition screens. By the use of the virtual and augmented reality, today we are able to support with ease our reparers, the ones who literally look “through” the cars and receive assistance from multi-lingual technicians.

The transparency is not only about the facilitation of learning new repair techniques, but, of course, also the vision of the future it is intended to pursue.

eXponentia’s stand, located in the historic Pavilion 2 of Automechanika 2018

The Future Of The Automotive Is Transparent exponentia Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

In our stand we left the freedom to visitors to discover our solutions, compared to their sector.

What’s the Classic cars trend tell us?

Beside this dimension of constantly technological evolution, are visible other interesting trend to analyse. For example, the new wide discover of vintage cars. There have been many meetings and presentations of expert repairers on how to take care of historical cars.

On the one hand, therefore, we have digitalisation and sophisticated automated and repair systems, such as the one presented by Porsche. On the other hand, we have the renovation and maintenance of vintage cars. This goes to support that, as always, when the true innovation is clear, it comes to amend the processes as well as the tools.

Making spare parts with 3D printers

In the industry of Spare-Parts sale, the first 3D printers have appeared. They are able to produce, for now, only some kind of components. We can imagine what it might leads the evolution of this means in the next future. We know very well there is only one way to face the change: being prepared.

The idea of future, that many sector’s analysis announced, was replaced by a more logical integration of different requests and needs in a succession of innovations, mixed in the whole supply chain up.

To see that, it’s enough to take a walk around pavilions, where competition and integration are moving on the same territory. By all this, they are not just the companies that implement more innovative processes, to reap the benefits, but also the professionists that enjoy their assistance services, and especially the drivers.

Automechanika has never been so focused on future

The changes which have turned upside down the market, both in technological terms and distributions logics, have requested new technical and consultancy services to support the business.

It’s not possible to imagine a participation that is not both international and synergistic.

Detlef Braun, member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, said that

Automechanika has never been so focused on future”.

It’s true. Nowadays, digitalization, environmental vehicles, classic cars, interconnected car, online workshops and sustainable mobility coexist in a colorful kaleidoscope of services that renew and review themself day by day.

Because one thing is for sure: to change everyday are not only the cars, their own spare-parts and the repairs methods, but also their buyers, with their habits and wishes.

A lot of our customers are asking us what awaits them in the future

Good chances, in our opinion, as long as they updated constantly their own skills and keep their own curiosity alive.

Reed Hastings of Netflix, recently, claimed jokingly that “the real competitor of Netflix is the sleep”. Similarly, we might say that the real competitor in our sector will be the other communication supports. The era of the cars able to entertain their drivers and passengers, has just begun.

The areas of application are countless, expectations are very high, the outlooks are stimulating.

Competition, integration, transparency.

Sharing experience, building innovation.

See you at Automechanika Frankfurt 2020!

exponentia the future is a new page to be written

“The Future is a new page to be written” One of the gadgets of eXponentia

Meet eXponentia at Automechanika 2018!

We are pleased to inform you that also this year eXponentia will be present at Automechanika 2018, the most authoritative International Fair of the Automotive sector that will take place in Frankfurt from the 11th to the 15th of September.

“Our assistance and support services, databases, our management software, together with an international staff of over 100 professionals, provide solutions every day to fill procedural, managerial and technical gaps.” (Patrick Lo Pinto – eXponentia CEO)

Discover our range of automotive services

At our Stand A75 in Hall 2.0 you can view our portfolio of innovative software and highly customisable services already used widely throughout Europe.

Multilingual Data Management >

  • Telephone support and multilingual support,
  • Training for professionals,
  • Updated Automotive Databases.

Multidevice Software >

  • APP for tablets and smartphones,
  • DMS – Data Management System,
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management,
  • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning.

Innovative Processes >

  • Spare parts warranty management,
  • IT solutions for process management,
  • Vehicle fleet management with technical and legal support.

Tell us who you are and we’ll show you what eXponentia can do for you!

At our stand you can view our services for your area of ​​expertise on specially prepared tablets.

All our services, in fact, are white-label and provide concrete answers to the key players in the Automotive sector:

from Car manufacturers to Manufacturers of spare parts and equipment, from Car repair networks to Spare parts distributors, from Insurance providers to Vehicle fleet managers.

“A typical car today consists of more than 2,750 components and in a mid-class car there are about 13 km of cables. Carrying out state of the art work throughout the entire vehicle maintenance process has become increasingly more complex. The key is increasingly the ability to analyse, the technical training and speed in solving problems, in a context where customers are more and more demanding and looking for innovative solutions. This is where eXponentia’s adaptable solutions come into play. ” (Patrick Lo Pinto – eXponentia CEO)

Meet eXponentia at Automechanika 2018!

Scheduling an appointment and meeting our CEO Patrick Lo Pinto together with representatives of our historic partners DAF Conseil, MivarGroup and Tekné Consulting is simple.

If you want, you can book your visit right now using the form below or, if you prefer, you can send an email directly to patrick.lopinto@exponentia.eu.


“The paradigm of our industry has changed and will continue to evolve rapidly, and this is where eXponentia’s adaptable solutions come into play.” (Patrick Lo Pinto – eXponentia CEO)


HALL 2.90 – STAND a75 – See the map

eXponentia – Automechanika Frankfurt 2018


Equip Auto 2017: would you like to book an appointment with an eXponentia consultant at this renowned international automotive aftermarket event?

Submit your contact details via this form. You will then be added to our appointment calendar.

Innovative solutions for exponential growth!

With its established position as a European market leader and its experience providing services for the Automotive sector, eXponentia optimises the processes of manufacturers, groups and networks, allowing them to meet the needs of garages, drivers and all the market’s key players.

From internal operations to faultless customer management, eXponentia provides modular, bespoke solutions. eXponentia’s innovative services can be 100% integrated into your company’s existing processes. Optimised costs, bigger profits!

Find eXponentia at Equip Auto 2017

Now in its 24th edition, this renowned biennial event dedicated to the automotive aftermarket will be held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from 17 to 21 October 2017.

To find our stand, simply follow these coordinates: eXponentia Stand:

  • eXponentia Stand : Hall 1, 1 K 117

Equipment and services for all kinds of vehicles

This famous international aftermarket fair is an unmissable event for industry professionals. If you represent a manufacturer, distributor or mechanic, Equip Auto is a fascinating opportunity to discover new products and services, as well as a chance to find new business partners.

  • 3 themed pavilions
  • 1,400 exhibitors and brands
  • 95,000 industry operators
  • 100,000 square metres of exhibition space

“Repair today and prepare for tomorrow”

Equip Auto is the fair of the French Vehicle Equipment Industries (FIEV) and the French Bodywork Federation (FFC), organised by the group Comexposium. This eagerly anticipated edition, in which eXponentia will be participating, will have a special focus on:

  • Digitising the production chain
  • Optimising service costs for users who are increasingly mobile. Two issues which are at the heart of our company.

Equip Auto 2017: Arrange an appointment

To book an appointment with an eXponentia consultant, all you need to do is fill out our contact form. This will help us to schedule our appointments as efficiently as possible and dedicate more time to you.

See you there!

Useful resources:

Only those that invest in the ability to service and repair these vehicles will succeed.

eXponentia is pleased to announce that having been involved in the IMI alternative fuel steering committee for the past 18 months, is now able to offer the Independent aftermarket in the UK (but also in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Benelux) a complete new range of EV & PHEV qualifications developed in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers and the HSE these are the very latest qualifications and must not be confused by the earlier hybrid qualification.

eXponentia develops and supplies professional services in the automotive domain in Italy, France, UK, Germany, Spain and Benelux.

Contact for further information at info@exponentia.org


We are pleased to inform you that we are going to take part in the Automechanika fair, September 13th -17th.

Make sure to step by to discover all the latest news from the automotive world and to be updated on our renewed and improved products.

We’ll be glad to welcome you to our stand!

HALL 2.0 – STAND A71


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