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“With our custom-made Automotive services, we meet all the needs of the professionals of maintenance and car repairer and both European and worldwide drivers.”

For over 10 years eXponentia provides custom-made Automotive services with modular, flexible and high-performance solutions, specifically designed for all stakeholder in the supply chain: car repairer networks, car manufacturers, parts manufacturers and parts distributors, car fleets manager and insurance companies.

A multilingual technical support combined with the process management and data production, as well as to the one of the most extensive training offers in the industry that have made us the leader in the automotive consulting at the European level.


A prestigious past

From the will of brands like Gates, Johnson Controls, MS Motor Service International, SKF, TRW, Tenneco and Valeo, in 2005 the eXponentia project was born. Its purpose was to provide car repairers the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills.


An Exponential future

Today eXponentia is the leader in providing consulting, training and assistance services, thanks to the partnership with several companies operating in Europe. Our services are currently offered by reliable shareholders and partners in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain and Netherlands. This international network is constantly expanding and looking for new partners.

Winning model

eXponentia, Automotive solutions provider

Across a range of innovative and flexible services, eXponentia meets the needs of the whole Automotive industry, raising the performances and customer loyalty of manufacturers, groups, repairer networks, car fleets managers and insurance companies. eXponentia services are always delivered in white label and allow to optimise processes and costs, increasing the profit of all the stakeholders, including repairers and drivers.

eXponentia Business Model

Shareholders and Partners

An ever-widening offer

Experience, applied technology, reliability and dedication: strengths that the partners transfer to eXponentia, with the aim of extending worldwide.

DAF Conseil partner eXponentia

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